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Mid-term instructions are located at the top of page 3 “interim instructions”, as the assignment is to submit a publish of the final assessment.

Please see attached instructions and supporting documentation form the first three units. Mid-Term instructions are located at the top of page 3 “Interim Instructions”, as the assignment is to submit a publish of the final assessment.


* discuss early warning signs of an unsafe partner and step-wise development of the abuser into the violence cycle.

Create a discussion post discussing your thoughts, taking into consideration the following topic or by adding your own perspective based on personal experiences. In the process of discussion, formalize practice management strategies that you will use with your patients who report Intimate Partner Violence. Do not over complicate, and keep focused on a central idea. How would you approach a patient who confessed they were experiencing Intimate Partner Violence?)
* Discuss early warning signs of an unsafe partner and step-wise development of the abuser into the violence cycle.
Reference source throughout essay! PRIMARY Sources in APA format. CDC, American College of Gynecology, International Association of Forensic Nurses are good resources.


International business: with biblical worldview.

Instruction can be found in the attached document. TEXTBOOK REFERENCE: Satterlee, B. (2019). International Business: With Biblical Worldview.
Discuss your selected Key ‘Entering Global Markets and Managing Global Operations’ term. You should explain why you are interested in the term, an explanation of the term, a summary of the germane current literature, and specifically how this relates to Entering Global Markets and Managing Global Operations. Textbook chapters (7 & 8) covered. Uploaded (1 Png-20 Png)
The key term I choose is Processes: Logistics and Transportation


What is the article about?

I am doing a critical analysis of the below research using CASP tool. Need a summary of the research subject with the mentioned details:
Heading: Aim of research
What is the article about?
Why are you doing the critical analysis?
What am I going to analyze?
How am I going to analyze?

Project Management

How does the vuca concept (volatile, uncertain, complex & ambiguous) impact a global project?

Please strive to completely answer each of these question elements:
a. From your personal research – pls outline what is the key differences between a Project and a Global Project?
b. What factors or elements may have facilitated the exponential growth of global Projects in today’s integrated global economy?
c. Pls name and describe the several types of global projects that can exist?
d. How would the roles & responsibilities and competencies of an effective project manager change for a global or multicultural project? (looking more for your analysis than a book answer).
E. How does the VUCA concept (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex & Ambiguous) impact a global project? Pls give me specific examples.


Note: when selecting three videos to observe, it may be helpful to read the descriiption available on the web page for each video.

See attached log in credentials to view course book, topics and anything else you may need. Attached you will also find the rubric to the assignment which you can also find on the course information
2047.3.1 : Recognizing the Community of Care
The graduate plans for learning environments that meet all students’ cultural, social, and emotional learning needs by incorporating knowledge of individual learners, diverse cultures, and communities.
Western Governors University employs a three-step developmental framework to support you through your preclinical and clinical experiences. This framework also helps to ensure you exit the program confident in your ability to meet the needs of your future students and school system. This assessment falls under step one of the three-step framework. In this task, you will engage in activities that will go toward preclinical hours of your Early Preclinical Experiences requirements.
In this task and others in this program, you will use Gibbs’ Reflective Cycle (Gibbs, 1988) as a framework to respond to observations and experiences. Gibbs’ Reflective Cycle encourages you to think systematically about the phases of an experience or activity, first describing the experience, then addressing how it made you feel, next evaluating and analyzing it, then drawing a conclusion, and finally considering how this experience will apply to your future practice.
For this task you will select three videos that allow you to observe learning environments where efforts are being made to meet cultural, social, and emotional learning needs of students. In each video, you will observe teachers in their classrooms and will then evaluate their efforts to incorporate the diverse cultures and communities of individual learners into the learning environment.
Your submission must be your original work. No more than a combined total of 30% of the submission and no more than a 10% match to any one individual source can be directly quoted or closely paraphrased from sources, even if cited correctly. The originality report that is provided when you submit your task can be used as a guide.
You must use the rubric to direct the creation of your submission because it provides detailed criteria that will be used to evaluate your work. Each requirement below may be evaluated by more than one rubric aspect. The rubric aspect titles may contain hyperlinks to relevant portions of the course.
Tasks may not be submitted as cloud links, such as links to Google Docs, Google Slides, OneDrive, etc., unless specified in the task requirements. All other submissions must be file types that are uploaded and submitted as attachments (e.g., .docx, .pdf, .ppt).
A. Identify three videos from the attached “Task 1 Video List” found in the “Supporting Documents” section.
Note: When selecting three videos to observe, it may be helpful to read the descriiption available on the web page for each video. You will want to choose videos that will give you enough relevant material to respond to parts B1–B5.
B. Reflect on your video observations by doing the following:
1. Discuss specific examples of how the teachers in the videos effectively incorporated the needs of individual learners within their learning environments, including at least one example of each of the following from any of the three videos:
• cultural needs
• social needs
• emotional needs
2. Discuss ways that the teachers could have more effectively incorporated individual learners’ cultural, social, or emotional needs in the learning environments.
3. Discuss two culturally sustaining pedagogy strategies you learned from observing the videos that you could incorporate into your future practice as a teacher.
a. Explain how you can apply the two strategies from B3 in your future classroom.
4. Explain how you could involve your students’ caregivers in the execution of the strategies from part B3, including specific examples.
5. Explain how you could involve the community in the execution of the strategies from part B3, including specific examples.
C. Acknowledge sources, using in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized.
D. Demonstrate professional communication in the content and presentation of your submission.


I expect that you:

Using at least two readings from the attached, write a 3-4 pages response paper in which you engage with a specific legacy institution: Moma, please use Moma as the example and evidence in the entire paper. Engage as much as possible.
I expect that you:
1. Have an introductory paragraph explaining which readings and concepts you will engage with in the paper
2. Use topic sentences at the beginning of each paragraph
3. Select particular concepts you will 1) define and 2) use examples from the case you chose to illustrate your point
4. Describe the examples thoroughly
5. Be explicit about what you think is relevant both from theory and example. Explain your logic for selecting the example in connection to a concept
6. Dedicate one or two paragraphs per concept
7. Include pages numbers
8. Double space, 12 pt. font and 1 inch margins
9. Cite properly using the file that I attached, the “Quick Tips for ASA Style”


Just following the format of this sample should be good.

Now that you have updated your physicians on the state of the lab, it’s time to choose a new test to add to the lab menu. The doctors have some ideas which they have forwarded to you. You can only add one test this year, and you must choose that test from the list of tests that the doctors requested. This list is on your Lab Data Sheet. You’ll need to support your decision with primary literature, journal articles from peer-reviewed journals. Choose your test and then build an annotated bibliography to support your choice. You will need five references.
You can use this resource to guide your creation of your annotated bibliography:
Use the APA style.
Once you have the annotated bibliography, you need to create another memo about 1 page long, explaining which test that you chose and how the new test will need to be validated. Again, just hit the high points for the doctors. Tell them the basic steps you will follow to validate the test and give them an estimated timeline.
To complete this assignment successfully, work through the following steps:
1. Review the test list provided for your chosen laboratory. Choose a test to add to your menu. (Chosen test: Urine myoglobin)
2. Search the primary literature for recent articles that talk about your chosen test. Method comparisons, validation studies, and analyte discovery studies are the best types of studies to find.
3. Create a five-reference annotated bibliography using the references that you found. Choose the best resources generated by your search. By best, I mean those that show how valuable the test could be to patient care.
4. Write the memo explaining validation. It should be addressed to the physicians in the practice. It should be 1-2 pages long, single-spaced, and in 12 point font. Include your annotated bibliography in the memo as support for your choice of test.
5. Edit your memo for clarity, concise language, spelling, and grammar.
* Please use APA style and my chosen test is urine myoglobin. I need 5 references in my annotated bibliography. Everything is single-spaced and in 12-point font. One page is the annotated bibliography, one is the validation memo.
*A sample is attached. Just following the format of this sample should be good.


500 words or more, 2 text citations required.artciel

Discuss the governmental concepts embodied in the Articles of Confederation. 500 words or more, 2 text citations required.artciel


Please use diagnostic and statistical manual of mental health (dsm-5) as one of the references.

Please see attachments for rubric and instructions
1. I have attached the original case study part one to collect the necessary information that you need.
2. I have also attached a “example” of how I want the Case study to look/similar.
3. Please use Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental health (DSM-5) as one of the references.