Learning Goal: I’m working on a arabic multi-part question and need an explanati

Learning Goal: I’m working on a arabic multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Week 1 -Culture as a concept has different meanings and definitions in different cultures. In this discussion topic we will try to define culture. Please read the topics:1.1 Is Culture definable?1-2 A conversation about culture1-3 Is culture definable? 1-4 Iceberg concept of CultureDiscuss the following three topics: A-Is there an American culture? If yes, how is it different from Middle Eastern Cultures?B-What are its obvious and hidden elements i.e. what is objective Culture (uppercase C) and the subjective culture (lower case C)? What is the high culture and what is low culture?Read each others’ postings and provide feedback to at least one classmate.Week 2 question! -Kurdistan is divided between Turkey and Iran, Iraq and Syria. These countries have little interest in the realization of a Kurdish Dream and no Western Country has openly backed a Kurdish Statehood. Why should or should not Kurds have their own country? Please reply to at least one colleague’ s postings on this thread. Week 3 question – Let us begin this discussion by reading the articles below: 1- Language barriers2-English Is Global, So Why Learn Arabic?3- Learning Arabic as a Foreign LanguageThe idea that language influences thought is an insightful, exciting and possibly alarming one. Let us discuss the following questions: Should a country have an official language? Are some languages are more important than others? Should English be the main ‘international language’, if so why in America people judge people by their fluency in English? Have you tried to learn Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, and Turkish? If yes let us know about your experience? What you think about Arabic Televisions such as Aljazeera? 200 words initial response and commenting on at least one other colleague are required. Week 4- You have reviewed a number of articles about ISIS. Please post your comment (at least 200 words) about:1- Why ISIL/ISIS has attracted much attention?2- Can we consider ISIL/ISIS a Salafi movement? How similar and how different from other Salafigroups in Arabia?3- Did the United States and Allies ended ISIL/ISIS? Respond/comment on at least one posting. If agree or disagree with someone’s posting you need to explain why!Book and all other information will be provided.